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Are You Actually Stiff, Tight, or Unstable?

It’s hard not to indulge in our feelings and take them for face value for what’s actually going on in our bodies.

The problem is that all of our feelings and perceptions are highly individual and affected by a multitude of factors such as stress and anxiety.

For example, just being told by a therapist or doctor that what you’re dealing with is age-related and inevitable can make you feel and act older, even though nothing has changed physically in your body!

Perception is key here.

Just thinking that your hamstrings are always tight or that your lower back always hurts, can reinforce what you’re feeling.

These worries, concerns, and stresses can amplify your feeling ever further, making us feel older and stiffer than before even though our soft tissues don’t reflect this.

Even something as vivid and powerful as the feeling of pain can relate more to how you feel about your body than an actual sign of damage.

There’s a reason that placebo effects are consistently shown to be strong. If you believe you’ll improve, you have a significantly greater prognosis just from that alone.

This is why two people can have two very different experiences with pain and stiffness even if their daily habits are similar.

So next time you’re feeling stiff, loose, or unstable, just remember that it could be your body (and mind) playing tricks on you.

To your good health,

-Coach Stephen


Getting started can be a tough thing to do, and the main reason is that people don’t know where to start, (especially when it comes to something as complex as deadlifting and protecting yourself from injury).

That’s where I come in.

Regardless of whether you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and can do in-person coaching with me or you live anywhere else in the world and can do online coaching, I can put a plan in place to help you get to where you need to be.

To book your complimentary consultation call, click here.

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