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If It's Important to you, Schedule It!

This guest post is brought to you by FitStudios Coach Risley.

The 10% to become better! Schedule it! If it’s important to you then schedule it!

Hey Fit Fam! Coach Risley here and I’m gonna give you my tips on how to become the fittest version of yourself this summer! (Yes summer is not too far off now!)

It’s no surprise that we tend to brush things off when they don’t seem urgent or important like a salon appointment or your next meal.

Health tends to not be on everyone’s priority list like it should be because it’s easy to let loose with it. Your body is something that takes time and consistent hard work to build.

That’s why you need to schedule health into your life! No more wasting time! Do you want to feel good and look good? Block out 5 hours every week and start working out.

I repeat, do you want to look good and feel good? Block out another 7 hours a week to focus on how you can eat better each day.

A total of 12 weekly hours which is about 10% of the average awake time a week! Just 10% of your time I repeat!

If it only takes 10% of your time to become a seriously better version of yourself that’s a small price if you ask me.

As always, if you enjoyed this blog make sure to forward it to 2 friends you think can benefit from ready this. I’m ready to see some amazing bodies this summer, are you?


If you want to see more of Coach Risley, check out @MisoStrong on Instagram

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