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Pain-Free Pointers - November 27th 2023

This is a brand new weekly email containing 3 quick, actionable tips you can use to ditch aches and pains and live a stronger, more confident life.

I’m calling it “Pain-Free Pointers

These tips will be in relation to:

  1. Rehabbing and managing pain

  2. Building strength and resilience in your body

  3. and pain-free habits revolving around mindset, sleep, nutrition etc..

*This is a sneak peak at what one of these emails looks like. If you'd like to subscribe to see all of them as they are released, use the form at the bottom of this page.

1 Rehabilitation Tip

Finding a good “entry point” in training is the most important part of any pain rehabilitation. Absolute rest is rarely the best course of action.

But knowing where to start can be tricky. We want to move and train in a way that produces mild discomfort at worst, without making your symptoms worse.

It may take some trial and error (and help from a professional) but we need to focus on what we CAN do.

This acts as your springboard to decrease sensitivity and build up your tolerance and capacity again.

1 Strength Tip

Training to failure is largely overrated.

It generates a ton of fatigue and puts us in ranges where injury risk is higher. Yes it’s important to challenge yourself but quality work done with 2-4 reps left in the tank is often the sweet spot for most people.

1 Mindset Tip

If we expect ourselves to be in pain and feel stiff, chances are we will be.

This doesn’t mean you can “mindset” your way out of pain, but it does display how powerful our minds are.

If we have a positive outlook on our situation (i.e. that our body can heal and recover), it has been shown that our recovery will be more effective as opposed to believing that your body is breaking down and that you’ll only get worse.

The body is capable of healing torn muscles, and regrowing bones and nerves. Give it a chance and let your body do its thing.

To your good health,

Coach Stephen

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