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“Imagine taking control over your aches and pains while getting stronger regardless of where you live"

Introducing "The Pain-Free Project"

The ultimate program to help career-driven men and women become pain-free so they can enjoy their favourite sports and hobbies again

✅Tailored exercise and rehab routine delivered through my custom app

✅Pain management protocol

✅Comprehensive video movement assessment

✅Access to my private Facebook group for clients

✅1-on-1 support and access to your coach

It includes all of the tools needed to help guide you to ditching aches and pains so you can get back to doing what you love and live a higher quality of live free of pain

Praise for The Pain-Free Project

"After just a short few months training with Coach Stephen, I'm now back-squatting my old 1RM for reps! 💪🏽😁 Coach really pays meticulous attention to the details and always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients are comfortable and happy with their programming. I had my doubts about online coaching before, but now my perspectives have been completely changed, and I feel stronger and faster than I ever have in my life 💯" Aloysius

"I've been working virtually with Stephen for a few months now, trying to get rid of the remnants of pain from a herniated disc. I tried other PTs plus steroid injections and nothing helped alleviate my pain as much as sticking with the workouts that Stephen has provided.


As a remote customer, Stephen updates my workouts via the Trainerize app which is extremely helpful with instructions and videos of each movement. If I am uncertain, I send Stephen a video of myself and he gives me feedback. We have also spoken on the phone several times to check in. I believe you really get back what you put into this program.


The more questions, communication, videos, the more confident I am that I'm doing the movements correctly and am on the path to a fully pain free life! Definitely recommend Strumos Fitness virtual PT for anyone who is not local to the gym." Lauren

"I decided to work with Stephen based on a glowing referral from my acupuncturist.

It’s now been a few months and working with Stephen has been great! He takes the time to really understand my injuries and what we can do together to get me stronger and to hopefully heal them. He thinks differently than any doctor or PT I’ve seen. His own personal story and healing process lends itself to helping me get to where I want to be.

He curates a workout plan just for me each week. He’s always there whenever I’ve had any questions or needed a hype man to get through some workouts. I’ve worked long and hard to build a team of people to help me get back to running, and Stephen is definitely one of them!" Jenna

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