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How Ella squatted and deadlifted her bodyweight after breaking both of her arms

"As a client of Stephen’s, I can say without any reservations whatsoever, that if you suffer from chronic pain or injuries, Coach Stephen has the expertise to transform your daily routines into pain-free days, where strength is readily available and physical limitations are never a concern.

I started working with Stephen in September 2020, 3 months after breaking my left wrist and right elbow. Due to the extent of my injuries, I had to get surgery, with a metal plate and screws in each arm. Once my casts were removed, I religiously followed my physiotherapy routine for a couple of months, but I still had chronic pain and was struggling with simple tasks such as holding a coffee cup in one hand.

As I dismayed over accepting a future filled with chronic pain and physical limits, came the revelation of working with Coach Stephen (as a birthday gift from my little sister). Even though I was skeptical at first, I soon realized that I needed the guidance of someone like Stephen, who is truly a master of his craft and knows how to design specific workout routines focused on strengthening the muscle groups around my injury sites, as well as building my overall strength. I am now the strongest I have ever been in my life. I deadlift more than my own weight, do exercises such as push ups and pull ups without any discomfort in my arms, and I go through my days without any pain or physical limitations caused by my injuries.

I am forever grateful to Coach Stephen for the strength he has introduced into my life and have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone who wants to be stronger and pain free."

How Simon got back into Powerlifting after significant lower back and shoulder pain

"Stephen has been very diligent, constructive, and professional in his coaching. He has helped me stay injury free while getting stronger and it has translated across the board to my day-to-day life. If I was on my own I wouldn't come anywhere close to where Stephen has gotten me.


I can speak on behalf of the Strength Training portion, if you are looking to improve your big three lifts (bench, squat, deadlift), Stephen has the experience to see where you’re at, what your strengths are, and what areas can be brought up and tweaked to promote a healthier, more efficient and effective training regimen.


I wanted to get stronger and to put it short, my numbers have been going up in all my lifts and aesthetics have been a by-product which is a win-win.

I also had inquiries about powerlifting as it intrigues me and since Stephen has competed, he’s a great resource for those also interested in going down that path!"

How Nadia beat Sciatica and got back to lifting and running

"Stephen is different from your typical trainer. He knows how to deal with pain and injury and explains it in a way that helps you understand it too. I've been wanting to get into strength training but it was this big scary thing for me until I worked with Stephen. I didn't know how to lift safely and I didn't know how to train for my specific goals.


I have a broken humerus on my left side that has healed at an angle which has caused some inequalities when it comes to movement and my work requires me to be stationary. I also recently dealt with some significant sciatic pain.

Not only did Stephen walk me through the whole process of overcoming these limitations, but he tailored my program to be exactly what I needed.

He knows his science, and he debunks a lot of the myths out there. I will take Stephen's word over anyone's when it comes to fitness"

How Evan was able to beat lower back pain while losing 7% body fat

"It's been a pleasure and an honour to workout and get trained by Coach Stephen

His expertise is unparalleled to anything I've seen before in a gym with a personal trainer.

He's helped me achieve my goals, which started out as losing weight and building strength. And we've been able to focus on persistent lower back pain that I've been dealing with due to the physical nature of my job.

For anyone that has an opportunity to learn how to build strength or navigate through pain reduction, I would highly recommend Coach Stephen."

How Ellie returned to running after having 2 kids, lower back pain, and pelvic floor issues

"I am out here now able to do what I want to do. 6 months ago it wasn't like this.

6 months ago I couldn't even run a mile. I was dealing with a very weak pelvic floor after the birth of my two kids and I've worked with Coach Stephen to address this as well as strengthening all the muscles in my abdomen.

If you're thinking of hitting your goal and you think you need help doing it, it's Stephen, he's your guy.

Next for me is running a half marathon!"

How Michael lost 25lbs while rehabbing his knee

"I've been a client of Stephen's for a long time now.

I initially went to him with intense knee pain from a basketball injury. I couldn't even walk up the stairs without pain.

Stephen designed a training routine to strengthen not only my knees but my entire body. Over a short time, I regained my confidence that transferred into every area of my life.

As the pain went away, I found new fitness goals and things I was excited to improve. Stephen really changed my mindset when it comes to health and is always thorough in his advice.

When I started with Stephen, I weighed 220 lbs at 22% body fat. Now I'm 195 lbs and 18% body fat and I can deadlift my own body weight.

I truly believe he is the right trainer for anyone looking to be healthier and happier in their lives and he makes understanding fitness easy and fun."

How Christina was able to build and preserve muscle and strength despite having Muscular Dystrophy

"Since day one, Stephen has been nothing short of patient and supportive as he's guided me through working on my health goals.


Although I'm someone who uses a mobility aid and has limited physical abilities, he's been able to work around my challenges and create a plan that helps to keep me healthy and as active as possible.


He's also incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and how adaptable the human body really is, and is great at helping you recognize your own potential. I'd recommend him to anyone no matter how small or large their fitness and health goals are!"

How Aloysius was relieved from pain while getting stronger and more durable

"After just a short few months training with Coach Stephen, I'm now back-squatting my old 1RM for reps! 💪🏽😁

Coach really pays meticulous attention to the details and always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients are comfortable and happy with their programming. I had my doubts about online coaching before, but now my perspectives have been completely changed, and I feel stronger and faster than I ever have in my life."

How Afifeh went from being bed-ridden with pain to carrying her own groceries

Afifeh was dealing with significant back pain for years before she started working with me. There were entire days where she couldn’t get out of bed because of her pain. And she relied on pain pills just to function on some days.


She’s a mom of 3 who had never done any sort of formal training before. And she was worried that she wouldn’t even be able to do anything that could help.


And there was a lot of skepticism, because she had seen countless physios, chiros, and specialists at a pain clinic, and none were able to help her get out of pain.


Fast forward a few months and she’s no longer bed-ridden, and she’s the one carrying her heavy groceries on her own with no pain. And she’s able to do movements she never thought she would be able to do while being able to go on long walks with her husband, and do chores around the house without paying for it later.


Afifeh has now been able to fire her physio, chiro, and everyone else that she was seeing for her back pain.

How Joan got stronger, more durable, and lost 10lbs of fat while never having done weight training before

"I've never had personal training or lifted weights before and Stephen is incredibly professional and knowledgeable while helping me feel comfortable in the gym.


He takes extra time to explain everything and ensure my safety. He also makes me feel accomplished. He is patiently and supportively coaching and pushing me to do more than I thought I could do.


Since starting I have noticed a remarkable difference in the way I feel physically and mentally which has been very motivating. I am also having a lot of fun. I highly recommend Stephen if you are considering a trainer. You would be very lucky to work with him."

How Cat overcame a hamstring injury and became her strongest self

"I've never had personal training or lifted weights before and Stephen is incredibly professional and knowledgeable while helping me feel comfortable in the gym.


I have been training with Stephen for just over 3 months now and have signed up for the next full year, because I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, and want to keep a great thing going! I was originally referred by my brother, who has been powerlifting training with him for years.


In just 3 months, I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, lifting more than I ever have in the 3 main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) and lifting more in accessory work, while recovering from a hamstring injury (torn hamstring). I am pain-free, feel great, have more energy. I have tried other programs in the past, as well as wasted a bunch of time self-programming, and have never gotten these kinds of results. If you need help, are injured, or just want to get stronger or back into lifting, please do yourself a favour and reach out to Stephen. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make! I am so grateful for my new-found strength and to be pain-free! I feel unstoppable! Thank you, Stephen!"

How Azi was able to bounce back from her lower back pain post-pregnancy


"I started working with Stephen to get rid of my chronic back pain. I've been working with him remotely via online coaching.


Throughout the process I also got so much stronger. I’m so thankful to Stephen that I’m able to keep up with the physical demands of 2 small children. I never looked this fit and that strong in my life. He is so professional, detail oriented and a true pleasure to work with."

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