Decrease Pain
Increase Performance
Get Back to Doing What You Love

Personal Trainer and Strength & Rehab Coach in Markham, ON

Certified in 2016, I specialize in helping people return from injury and get back to living a higher quality life.

I help people save money on ineffective rehab that only focuses on managing symptoms. I dig to the root cause of peoples' pain and get them feeling stronger than they've ever been.

If you're tired of being told that:

  • you shouldn't do something for fear of injury

  • you should stop doing something you love because you're too old for it

  • and that strength training is inherently dangerous

Then it's time for a change

If you're looking to:

  • Ditch the pain pills, heating pads, and ineffective treatments

  • Move without fear of injuring yourself

  • Get stronger and more mobile than you've ever been

  • And receive consistent support and accountability in achieving the above

I’m your guy

Think of me as the guy that combines personal training and strength coaching with physiotherapy for the most well-rounded and efficient training for people in pain.


Working with Coach Stephen


Online Personal Training & Coaching

This option is best for:


  • those who want coaching regardless of location and access to resources

  • those who are more experienced with lifting and need some extra guidance

  • those who want a more cost-efficient coaching experience


In-person Personal Training & Coaching

This option is best for:


  • those who require the most hands-on guidance with their movement

  • those that lack experience lifting and mobilizing on their own

  • those who benefit from the accountability of a scheduled session

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