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Decrease Pain
Increase Performance
Get Back to Doing What You Love

Personal Trainer and Strength & Rehab Coach in Markham, ON


"Coach Stephen is nothing short of a miracle worker. If you're looking to get over an injury, be pain-free, and get stronger, Stephen is your guy. He is definitely my healer"

"Stephen has been very diligent, constructive, and professional in his coaching. He has helped me stay injury free while getting stronger and it has translated across the board to my day-to-day life. If I was on my own I wouldn't come anywhere close to where Stephen has gotten me"


"Stephen is different from your typical trainer. He knows how to deal with pain and injury and explains it in a way that helps you understand it too. I've been wanting to get into strength training but it was this big scary thing for me until I worked with Stephen. He knows his science, and he debunks a lot of the myths out there. I will take Stephen's word over anyone's when it comes to fitness"

❌Have the aches and pains started adding up?


❌Are you not able to do the things you used to without paying for it the next day?


❌Tired of doing the same old physio work and stretches only for the tension and pain to come back?


💪Do you want to feel like you did 10 or even 20 years ago?


Believe it or not, that's not asking too much.

My goal for you is to:

✅Help you understand your mechanism of injury

✅Change your mindset around pain and movement

✅Get you stronger and more durable so that you can enjoy any activity you love without worry


Working with Coach Stephen


Online Personal Training & Coaching

This option is best for:


  • those who want coaching regardless of location and access to resources

  • those who are more experienced with lifting and need some extra guidance

  • those who want a more cost-efficient coaching experience


In-person Personal Training & Coaching

This option is best for:


  • those who require the most hands-on guidance with their movement

  • those that lack experience lifting and mobilizing on their own

  • those who benefit from the accountability of a scheduled session

Meet Our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™


Bethany Gettis C.H.N. 

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

Founder of Nutritious & Delicious

For the most up-to-date content follow me @CoachStrumos on Instagram

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