Empowering Busy People to 

Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Personal Fitness Trainer in Markham, ON

Certified in 2016, I have worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds - lawyers, desk-jockeys, and bank employees, to nurses, interior designers, and former professional soccer players.

I empower people to take control of their health and fitness. To build a solid foundation of movement to create their best body to look, move, and feel better.

My 3 Specialties Are:

Powerlifting - Squat, Bench, Deadlift

Olympic Lifting - Clean and Jerk, Snatch

Rehabilitation Exercise - not only relieving pain and injury but preventing it as well

When we’re working together,  I promise to:

  • Invest as much time as needed to understand your unique life, time, and nutrition challenges.

  • Work in conjunction with any other health professionals you’re currently seeing (including but not exclusive to physicians, physiotherapists, and massage therapists) to ensure you get effective and well-rounded care.

  • Utilize my extensive experience with strength training, and mobility techniques to deliver pain-free results.

  • Always offer consistent support to ensure you’re always on the right track to your goals.

I’m going to teach you how to boost vitality, rehab and prevent injury, and get stronger in the process.



Online Coaching

Take advantage of the most convenient and cost-effective method to reach your fitness goals.

No matter where you are you'll have a tailored workout and nutrition program in the palm of your hand

In-person Coaching

I’m a strength expert that helps busy professionals look and feel stronger:


  • by eating what they want and lifting heavy in the gym

  • with targeted corrective exercise to rehab and “prehab” pain and injury

  • so that they can have more energy, feel more confident and reverse their biological age

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Address: 217 Idema Rd, Markham, Ontario L3R 0T3

Email: sstrumos@gmail.com

Phone: (416) 558-4296

Instagram: @CoachStrumos

I work with clients in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) from Markham, Newmarket and Richmond Hill to Scarborough and Pickering

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