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Popping and clicking shoulders? Pain reaching overhead? Feeling like your lifts in the gym are limited?

This is the Shoulder Rehab plan for you!

Discover My 3 Phase System to Eliminate Shoulder Pain

Get a progressive Shoulder Rehab Program sent directly to your phone for less than a few Starbucks beverages


This 3 Phase Program was designed to help with:

✔️Shoulder Impingement + Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

✔️Glenohumeral (GH) Joint and Labrum Pain

✔️Acromio-Clavicular (AC) Joint Pain

The goal of Bulletproof Your Shoulders is to make rehabbing and strengthening your shoulder as accessible as possible.

When Dealing with Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction, You Need a Plan!

Maybe your shoulder has been bugging you for a long time and you have no idea what's causing it or what to do about it. Maybe you've been diagnosed with a shoulder injury.

One thing I've observed over my years as a coach and personal trainer who primarily works with clients dealing with injuries is that people often get stuck doing the same 3 low-level physio exercises for their shoulder pain and see little to no improvement. This means they never get back to doing what they enjoy.

So how do you break out of this cycle of pain and frustration? By having a progressive plan to not only rehabilitate your shoulders but to make them stronger and more injury resistant in the process.

It's not just about strengthening your rotator cuff; it's about understanding the anatomy of the shoulder and how each injury affects you from a functional standpoint.

It's important to not only know WHAT exercises and mobility work you should be doing but WHEN you should be doing them.

Did You Know That A Lack of Strength, Mobility, and Motor Control Can Play a Big Role in Your Shoulder Pain?


Will This Program Help Me with My Shoulder Pain?

❓Do you feel pinching in your shoulder when reaching overhead?

❓Does the front of your shoulder do all of the work when lifting?

❓Do your shoulders ache when you reach behind your back?

❓Does one shoulder lack mobility and stability compared to the other?

If you answered yes to any of these, this program was designed for you!

3 Phase Shoulder Rehab Program Completely Mapped Out For You

Video walk-throughs with in-depth descriptions and cueing for EVERY exercise, and an easily downloadable PDF to take the program with you on your phone or computer at your convenience

The First Phase is designed for those with more irritated and painful shoulders. Here the goal is to build a strong foundation of shoulder control within a pain-free range of motion

The Second Phase builds on the scapular stability and strength gained from Phase 1 and takes it to the next level. You'll be adding load and challenge to your shoulders as they get stronger

The Third Phase further progresses the exercise and mobility work while emphasizing more complex stability challenges. Expect some hard work here


Learn About 3 Common Shoulder Injuries and How to Rehab Them Correctly

Video tutorials on the anatomy of the shoulder, common causes of injury and pain, and how we effectively combat them!

AC Joint pain refers to issues at the meeting of your acromion (the bony part of your shoulder) and your clavicle (the collarbone)

GH and Labrum pain is next up in the video and is a more deep-rooted instability that originates within the ball and socket part of the joint itself

Shoulder Impingement is the most common of the 3 and comes about due to the "pinching" of structures within the shoulder. The rotator cuff muscles (a very important group of 4 muscles surrounding the shoulder) can be among those that can get impinged

Take A Look Inside The Program!

🔵Video presentations by me about Shoulder Impingement, GH, and AC Joint injuries. Learn the "why" behind the program and the science behind it

🔵Instant and convenient access to my proven, science-based, 3-phase rehab program to relieve you of your pain and make your shoulders "bulletproof"

🔵Video demonstrations and descriptions of EVERY exercise in the program, complete with cue checklists to ensure you're doing each one correctly

🔵Downloadable PDF so that you can take your program with you anywhere and do the exercises anytime. Sets, reps, tempo, and a link to the video for every movement are here!

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One Time Payment of Just - $29 CAD

                                                               $20 CAD

For a limited time!

Success Stories


Stephen did a great job designing a mobility program for me after I injured myself. His attention to detail about form will really keep me from getting injured again

Vani P

Online Client with Shoulder Impingement


I would definitely recommend working with Stephen, especially in regards to injury prevention or becoming a more durable and active person overall

Michael A

Online Client with Shoulder and Mid Back Pain


Stephen has been very diligent with constructive coaching that has helped me with my form and technique. He has helped me stay injury free while getting stronger

Simon M



Stephen helped rid me of the pain I've had for as long as I can remember. I now stand tall and proud because of him


When I was ready to return to gym Stephen helped me get my shoulder back into shape by being extremely patient and helpful in the rebuilding process


My mobility, posture, and strength have greatly improved. I still deal with the effects of my injury, however, I am now more confident when physically exerting myself

Misha V

Dealt with Neck Pain and Forward Shoulder Posture

Mikey S

Dealt with a Separated Shoulder from Hockey

Mike S

Recovering from a C5-C6 Disc Herniation

Get Instant Access to YOUR Shoulder Rehab Program

In short, this is my proven method to not only rehabbing your shoulders, but keeping them strong and healthy too. There are too many lousy stretches and exercises found online or on Instagram that reinforce bad advice. My goal is to make quality shoulder programming available to everyone.

That's why the program and the staggering amount of information found inside is priced so insanely low.

If you're willing to put in the work, you can get rid of that shoulder pain that's been bugging you for so long.

The days of doing the same 2 banded physio exercises all the time are over! Get started TODAY with a program that's proven to work

One Time Payment of Just - $29 CAD

                                                               $20 CAD

For a limited time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a complete beginner when it comes to working out, am I still able to do this

Yes! The program is designed in a progressive way, starting with basic
exercises and ramping it up as we go. Take your time and focus on quality
movement by studying the exercise video examples and reading the cue
checklist and you’ll do just fine.

I don't have pain, but my shoulders feel weak and unbalanced. Will this program help?

For sure! This plan helps build a strong foundation from which to develop stable shoulders. We start with fundamental movement patterns and work our way up to more complex stability challenges that will create more strength and mobility in your shoulder joint.

Can I do this program at home? What equipment do I need?

The large majority of the exercises done here can easily be done at home with some light dumbbells and bands. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls are also used as mobility tools. Even if you're missing something used in the program, there are substitutions you can make to get the job done, (i.e. using household objects as weights).

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