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Our Personal Fitness Trainer empower people to take control of their health and fitness to build a solid foundation of movement to create their best body to look, move, and feel better.

Everyone deals with some sort of wear and tear on their bodies. The fact that we’re more sedentary in our lives doesn’t help this fact. Problems like these make it difficult to enjoy certain aspects of your life, let alone get a solid workout in the gym.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, all Strumos Fitness programs are designed to make you more durable and resistant to injury. So not only do I help rehabilitate injuries and places of pain, but with my help, you don’t have to deal with chronic pain ever again.

Any good coach knows that every movement is an assessment in itself. That’s why I customize every Fitness program to address issues like, muscle weaknesses, muscle imbalances, and movement compensations based on what movement patterns you currently have.

Whether you’re feeling chronic pain, have an injury as a result of an acute incident, or just dealing with aches and pains, Strumos Fitness is dedicated to making you stronger, more balanced, and more durable.

Personal Trainer Toronto