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Flexible, Sustainable Dieting

Personal Trainer Richmond Hill

Ever been on a 12-week crash diet and saw some good results? What happened after that 12 weeks?

Forget strict dieting, avoiding carbs, and creating a horrible, guilt-filled relationship with food.

At Strumos Fitness, we know that in order to have long-term results, you need to eat in a sustainable way. That means having a balance of eating healthy, nutritious foods and enjoying less healthy options as well.

Because if you’re not able to maintain the way you’re eating, aka “going on a diet”, you’ll just end up back where you started or worse, even regressed further. If your diet is too strict, you’ll not only be miserable, but you’ll be wasting your time as well.

It’s okay to enjoy a snack and it’s okay to go out to eat with your friends and loved ones.

Flexible dieting is a sustainable, effective approach that allows you to enjoy the foods you love while knowing that it won’t derail your progress.

All Strumos Fitness nutrition programs are custom designed with your preferences and goals in mind with sustainability being the key factor.

Personal Trainer Richmond Hill