4 Simple Nutrition Habits To Help You Lose Weight And Still Gain Strength

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The biggest and strongest people in the world consume a ton of food. They have to in order to gain as much mass as possible to lift the largest possible loads.


For the general population losing weight, that’s definitely not necessary to build strength. It’s actually very feasible to build strength while still in a calorie deficit (which is required to lose weight).


If you restrict your intake too harshly, you can end up losing strength, muscle, and bone tissue as a result. There’s a healthy medium where you can get the best of both worlds.


Here are a few key nutrition habits that can help you do just that:


1. Eat a complete, lean protein with every meal




Protein is an important nutrient regardless of what your goals are. It’s the building blocks for nearly everything in our bodies.


Eating protein at every meal ensures you have enough to maximize muscle and strength gains from training sessions.


Protein is also the most thermogenic macronutrient, meaning that it takes a longer time and more energy to digest and use. This makes proteins very filling and great for your metabolism.


The words complete and lean are also important here.


Complete proteins are found in animal sources in that they include all essential amino acids. Protein from plant sources is incomplete in that they’re typically missing some. If you are a vegetarian you’ll have to mix different sources in order to create a complete protein serving.


Lean refers to the fat content that piggybacks along with the protein. Lean protein sources include lean cuts of pork and beef as well as chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products. This type of protein will help keep your calorie content lower.



2. Eat vegetables as a part of every meal




Vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. They’re highly nutritious and barely contain any calories.


This makes them highly satiating, making it much easier to stay in a calorie deficit while helping with feelings of fullness and they can sustain you during a workout.



3. Eat fruits and veggies with any meal and other “carbs” only after exercise


Fruits and vegetables are primarily carbohydrates. The difference between them and other typical carbs is that fruits and veggies are highly nutritious and don’t contain many calories.


As I said before, this makes them excellent for your nutrition, to sustain you throughout a day, and to stay in a calorie deficit.


The “other” carbs are foods like bread, pasta, and rice.


These types of foods have a much higher carbohydrate load and calorie count, making them great at replenishing muscle and fuel stores after exercise, but at other times their heavy calorie count results in too much fat storage.



4. Limit drinks with more than zero calories


sugary drinks


One of the easiest ways to decrease your calorie intake is to make a few beverage substitutions. By replacing high-calorie drinks (like heavy coffees and sugary drinks) with zero calories ones (ideally water) you can make a significant change to your body composition.


Not to mention that you’ll prevent many sugar crashes from the sometimes insane content some of these drinks have.



Following these habits will improve your overall nutrition, making your workouts more energetic and productive. The other major purpose is to limit excessive calorie intake by making food and drink switches that will keep you feeling full while keeping calories low.


Notice how I only offer some food suggestions. It is much more effective for each individual to choose foods in these categories (lean protein, veggies) that they enjoy to ensure that these nutrition habits are sustainable.


I also say limit drinks with more than zero calories and not to cut them out. Moderation is key and it’s reasonable to drink things you enjoy and still reach your goals as long as you are mindful of your intake.


Taking care of what habits outside of the gym can make your ultimate goal in the gym a reality.


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