Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Fitness Journey

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The endurance levels and fitness results of every individual is different, and progress levels typically vary from person to person. To find a method that works best for you, you need to consider your body type, medical history, lifestyle, budget, and so on. 

People who start their transformation journey often get carried away by their fitness regimen and the idea of getting a “dream body.” On their mission to see immediate results, they can sometimes make mistakes that work against them and hamper their growth. 

As a beginner, you can keep in mind a few things to avoid basic errors that could demotivate and derail you from your goals. To ensure you follow the right process, Strumos Fitness has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when starting their fitness journey.

1. Focusing only on the outcome or goal.

Clients almost always have a fitness goal or number that they want to hit. If they wish to lose weight or increase strength, they tend to obsess over the set target. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping an end goal in mind, it does not leave you with the right steps to reach them. This is where “process” goals come in. Process goals are the daily, weekly, and monthly goals that help you achieve your outcome goal. For example, if your goal is to lose ten lbs of weight, your process goal could be eating more veggies every day. Your process goal could be to have a serving of vegetables with every meal in a day. Remember that the process goal is your method of achieving your outcome goal, so make sure you have both in place. 

2. Training the same way every time.

When we lift weights or do specific exercises, our bodies feel a stress stimulus. Over time, the body changes or adapts to the stimulus, which prepares us for the next time we encounter the same stress. This is called adaptation. When the body fully adapts to the initial training stress, and we stop seeing improvements, it is referred to as a training plateau. For this reason, it is essential to consistently switch up the way you train.

Some easy ways to do this are:

a. Change your set and rep scheme (three sets of ten can become five sets of five).

b. Shorten up your time between sets (rest for shorter periods).

c. Do different exercises entirely.

For the beginner lifter, you’ll need to switch up your program for at least every six to eight weeks. As you become advanced, your body will adapt faster, and you’ll have to switch your program on a more frequent basis.

3. Constantly on or off a diet. 

Going on a diet implies that at some point you’re going to go off of it. What do you expect to happen then? Cue the relapse phase, where you return to the state you were in before, without much progress. Following a trendy diet may show short-term results, but if you can’t do it for the rest of your life, what’s the point? It is much more effective to focus on eating habits that you can maintain over the long-term. Strive for small meaningful behavior changes like decreasing portion sizes or not eating out as much. Manage your nutrition in a sustainable manner.

4. Comparing yourself to others.

Social media makes it so easy to look at other people’s progress. This typically ends with comparing your bloopers to their highlights. Keep in mind that it is rare for people to show their struggle or the time and effort put in to get to where they are today. 

Don’t let social media or fitness marketing detract you from what you want to achieve. There’s no fast-tracking, no shortcuts, and no hacks to get you there faster. Everyone who met their fitness goals or maintained their healthy habits did it with time, dedication, and consistency. So, don’t let yourself fall into a comparative mindset. Focus on yourself, and what YOU can do better and the steps needed to reach your goals. 

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